Top 5 Digital Marketing Events to Visit

Although there have been many post-pandemic doubts about the future of marketing events, the undeniable truth is that nothing can replace face-to-face communication. Over time, industry leaders have taken to hosting digital marketing seminars, sessions and workshops to educate marketers and help them connect with peers, so they don’t get left behind.

There are many good digital marketing events out there, but not all of them are excellent. Here we’ve compiled what we believe to be the top 5 leading events. Adromeda is taking part in the first 3.

1. TES Affiliate Conferences

This year’s TES Affiliate event will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. More than 200 exhibitors and 125 speakers from 80 countries around the world are expected to discuss the potential of marketing in the digital world, make valuable contacts, and showcase their digital products.

The event will include formal and informal sessions for people from fields such as entertainment, gaming, e-commerce, forex, pharma and many others. It is one of the few in-person B2B marketing events.


The event starts on August 22, and everyone can participate in fun activities like go-karting, shooting, golf, skydiving, and many more. Whether you are looking to network, make new contacts, or just have a good time with other marketers, this is a valuable opportunity.

This is much more than just games. More than 150 exhibitors will participate in a three-hour networking event called Meet Market to showcase their unique products and services to other members. On August 23 and 24 you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a variety of conferences and exhibits, expert panels, quick presentations and keynote speakers. Meet the Adromeda team as well.

Time & Place: Aug 22-25, Prague


2. Affiliate World Conferences

Since 2015, Affiliate World conferences have received significant attention from around the world, with more than 250 companies and 7,300+ attendees focusing on affiliate and e-commerce in the marketing business. In addition, more than 60 speakers and 210 exhibitors attend digital marketing events from 110+ countries around the world.

This year is special for Affiliate World, as there will be another event in Bangkok on November 30 and December 1, following the tremendous success of previous events in Barcelona and Dubai.


While the July 2022 conference in Europe featured brilliant minds discussing marketing best practices in panels, seminars and workshops, the February 2022 event in Dubai was the biggest in Affiliate World history.

Now you have the opportunity to attend the third digital marketing event in Bangkok to learn about data-driven strategies and innovative ideas from numerous speakers. Plus, you can enjoy the sunset and nightlife while networking with your peers, including us at Adromeda.

Time & Place: 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2022, Bangkok



3. Affiliate Summit East

Every year, Affiliate Summit holds some of the biggest digital marketing events, attracting thousands of marketers and agencies from more than 70 countries around the world. The latest event dates from May 2022, bringing together 3,000 entrepreneurs, technology providers, and digital marketing experts. The event was held both live and on-site.

The conference featured more than 60 sessions on cutting-edge technologies, trending verticals, premium traffic, real-time monitoring, and CPA reduction. In addition, it was an excellent opportunity for all attendees to forge new relationships to help grow their businesses.

Currently, there is no news about the time and place of the next Affiliate Summit in 2022. But when more information comes out, the Adromeda team will be there, too.



4. MarTech

MarTech events consistently rank among the top digital marketing events. This year, the digital marketing agency has focused on technology. Being an expert in this field, MarTech always presents useful marketing best practices for experienced marketers.

Vibe MarTech Fest will be held in Dubai, UAE, on September 6-7, and will be the first and largest marketing event in the Middle East. Over the years, thousands of marketers have attended more than 150 events to learn about the latest developments in areas such as CX and marketing in the digital era.

MarTech plans to discuss real-world problems and innovative solutions in detail. This is also an excellent opportunity to learn from technology leaders and implement technology into various aspects of your business. In addition, this is a chance to meet with representatives of such global brands as KFC, LEGO, and many others.

The second day of the event will focus on topics such as sustainability, consumer values and their impact on brand sentiment and profits. Keynote speakers will also discuss the role of personalization in customer satisfaction, the challenges of personalization strategies, and how data and automation can address these challenges.

Time & Place: September 6 and 7, Dubai




The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute will host its second marketing event on Sept. 13, focusing on the power of AI marketing in digital sectors. The event will help you proactively improve your skills and capabilities before your competitors do.

The marketing event will be attended by a wide range of B2B marketing executives and experts. MAICON makes it easier for non-technical attendees to understand technical concepts, so they can apply what they have learnt without analytics or programming knowledge.

More than 50 speakers at the event will discuss the benefits of AI in microtargeting ads, improving customer support, ROI, and personalization to improve customer satisfaction.

You can also take advantage of happy-hour networking opportunities to share critical insights and best practices with fellow marketers, and build lasting relationships with other guests and speakers.

Tickets for the MAICON Live event currently start at $79, with All Access tickets priced at $1,147. All Access tickets give you instant access to recordings of the event and AI Academy for next year.

Time & Place: Sep 13 and 14, Live Event



Bottom Line

So there you have it. These are our top five recommendations that can help you learn and grow. Whether you are attending in person or listening to live sessions, there are plenty of opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and learn from industry professionals.

In addition to conferences, you can learn from a variety of marketing experts who can teach you top-notch marketing strategies and give you the opportunity to monetize your projects.

At Adromeda, we bring you the latest marketing insights and event management in many areas such as games, health, streaming and e-commerce. Whether you’re trying to start a new project or need help with event marketing, you can contact us and get in touch with our team of experts.

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