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About us

Digital marketing is a whole galaxy where different events take place. New stars are born, campaigns explode (but in a good way – with campaign successes). Being a part of this means living in this galaxy day after day and take an active part in its evolution.

That's why we've created a series of comic strips that will be released weekly on all of our social media channels. Each episode of the comic reveals what the Adromeda team faces every day. The protagonist of the comic, App Man, represents a superhero in the digital world who can handle any challenge. He basically embodies all the qualities of every member of our team.

Now the Adromeda team is offering you the chance to become an active participant in the development of our digital galaxy!

  • Send us your own stories

    the best of which will be animated, and two $500 Amazon certificates will be shared out among all who send a story.

  • Subscribe to all Adromeda social media

    channels and don't miss our comic strips. We will distribute a reward of five $200 and ten $100 Amazon certificates among Adromeda social media channel subscribers.

  • Drive as much traffic as you can

    and get a 5% bonus to payout (with a $3K limit).

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Dates of Action

February 1, 2022
– June 19, 2022

Results Announced

June 20 – June 25

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